About Us

Who We Are

iVerify is a non-partisan fact-checking initiative of the Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) at the Institute of Business Administration University in Karachi, Pakistan, supported by the United Nations Development Programme. Our collaborators on the various activities and initiatives for the iVerify platform include media organization Dawn among others, Meta, venture accelerator for MarTech companies Z2C Limited with a broadcast media tracker Lytics, and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The CEJ was established in 2014 to raise standards in journalism through training workshops, fellowships, awards, and a graduate programme in journalism. With a network of over four thousand journalists across Pakistan, the CEJ provides opportunities to learn, innovate and network due to its unique position at the cusp of academia and the journalism industry. iVerify’s mission is to empower voters with verified and reliable information, fostering a transparent electoral process and a well-informed electorate. In an era where misinformation and disinformation can have profound consequences on trust in the democratic process, or violence, iVerify is dedicated to upholding the principles of accuracy, transparency and integrity in elections. 

Non-Partisan Commmitment iVerify is committed to impartiality and non-partisanship. Our fact-checking team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, ensuring a balanced and unbiased approach to scrutinizing election claims.

Rigorous Fact-checking Methodology We employ a rigorous and systematic fact-checking methodology that involves thorough research, cross-referencing multiple sources, and consulting experts when necessary. Our commitment to accuracy is paramount, and we adhere to to high journalistic standards in our fact-checking process.

Focus on Election-related claims iVerify specializes in fact-checking claims specifically related to elections, including statements from candidates, political parties, and media reports. By concentrating our efforts on this critical aspect of civic life, we aim to contribute to the integrity of the democratic process.

Transparency and Accountability We believe in transparency and accountability. Our fact-checking reports provide detailed explanations of our findings, including the sources consulted and the methodology used. If errors are identified, we promptly correct and update our reports, demonstrating our commitment to accuracy.

Educational Outreach CEJ is not only focused on fact-checking but also on educating the public about critical thinking and media literacy. We strive to empower voters to discern reliable information from misinformation, enabling them to make informed decisions during elections.

Real-Time Monitoring In the high stakes and partisan world of elections, timely information is crucial. iVerify monitors claims in real-time, through various tools and human intervention, providing swift and widespread distribution of fact-checked content. Our goal is to ensure voters have access to accurate information when it matters most.

Collaboration with Stakeholders iVerify collaborates with election officials, media outlets, and other stakeholders to promote a shared commitment to the truth. By working together, we aim to strengthen the overall credibility of the electoral process.   

What We Believe

The iVerify system is guided by the following principles: 


Fact-checking by iVerify members is conducted with the utmost adherence to impartiality, delivering factual and objective information to the citizens.


Fact-checking processes will always be conducted through the application of a specific methodology used by all iVerify members.


iVerify commits to disclose consulted sources and adheres to an honest retraction policy.

How We're Supported